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Welcome New Members!
July 2015
Kane Phelps
Lori Agovino
Meny Atias
Or Pikary
June 2015
Daniel Skidell
Kenneth Mayer, AIA
Davit Tishbi
Dean Piller
Steve Lipman
Sam Rosenberg
Stephen Serber
Benjamin Soffer
Ian Renner
Joe Ferris
Helen Berman
FOR EASY REGISTRATION, open this link  calendar,  click on the SUMMER MIXER event and click on the REGISTER TO ATTEND button.  IT'S AS EASY AS THAT!

Welcome to JNET
JNET is the premier Professional Networking Organization within the Jewish community. As a member-based organization, JNET is committed to serving the needs of its increasing membership and to facilitating the growth of business relationships in our community.
Members include a diverse cross-section of individual business people and owners, professionals, corporate executives and tradespeople from private and public organizations. We invite you to attend our meetings.
There is no cost for first-time guests and no reservation is required.  Just show up!  This is your opportunity to join local Jewish businesspeople and help give your business, and theirs, a BIG boost!
You will have the opportunity for schmoozing, introductions, “JNET Connect“ meetings and more.
We mean business!


Jackie Mendelson
Chairperson of the Board 

Membership dues are $85 per year.
Credit card payments online
or mail checks to:

5739 Kanan Rd., PMB #273
Agoura Hills, CA 91301 

 Summertime Resources - and the Livin' is Easy

Can you believe it is June already? The kids are graduating, vacations are being planned, and the grandkids will be coming over more often. Wedding season is beginning and there will be more than a few showers, not to mention backyard barbeques and get-togethers with friends. All these occasions can be even better when you consider JNET members to use as resources.


JNET members can help you plan those events, create special gifts, provide entertainment, get the clutter cleaned up, insure you properly just in case, and keep you healthy so that you can still be the life of the party. Just click on this link to find everyone you need to make your life easier:


Here is a little JNET housekeeping to remind us of what we may have forgotten when we joined those many years (or months) ago:


  • We can only represent one business per membership. No fudging during the 30-second pitches.
  • If you have suggestions for a meeting, conflicts, or concerns that cross your mind, please bring them to the President of your chapter first. That will allow the leadership to be involved and guide the issues or solutions to a successful conclusion.
  • Having access to JNET member’s emailing addresses is a convenience to do business and make referrals with those members. It is not an invitation to add them to a generic mailing list unless they agree beforehand.
  • To keep our name out of public controversy, JNET does not take political positions, support one charity over another, or offer opinions on outside issues.
  • As an active JNET member, you are encouraged to speak once every six months at two different chapters to increase your support base.
  • As with most anything in life… the more you give, the more you will get.
  • A complete membership profile on the JNET website will ensure a better result when members are looking for what you have to offer or want to make a referral.


The JNET Board of Directors wishes you all mazel and glik this summer—and don’t forget your sunscreen!

Jackie Mendelson

Chairperson of the Board