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Welcome New Members!
May 2015

Alon Benyaminy
Alana Trubitz
Nili Sinai-Nathan
Matthew Durlester
Scott Margolin
Barbara Seinfeld
Brett Schwartz

April 2015

Eddie Hernandez
Patricia Duchan
Jonathan Pakravan
Dorene Lehavi, Ph.D.
Mordy Tassa
Steven Reckon
Nicholas Jurkowitz
David Perez
Paul Wiener
David Gershwin
Ben Raffi
Zach Cohen
Sean Barnett
David Raffle

Welcome to JNET
JNET is the premier Professional Networking Organization within the Jewish community. As a member-based organization, JNET is committed to serving the needs of its increasing membership and to facilitating the growth of business relationships in our community.
Members include a diverse cross-section of individual business people and owners, professionals, corporate executives and tradespeople from private and public organizations. We invite you to attend our meetings.
There is no cost for first-time guests and no reservation is required.  Just show up!  This is your opportunity to join local Jewish businesspeople and help give your business, and theirs, a BIG boost!
You will have the opportunity for schmoozing, introductions, “JNET Connect“ meetings and more.
We mean business!


Jackie Mendelson
Chairperson of the Board 

Membership dues are $85 per year.
Credit card payments online
or mail checks to:

5739 Kanan Rd., PMB #273
Agoura Hills, CA 91301 

Large or Small? Chapters of All Sizes Have Something to Offer!


Last month I encouraged you to sign up to speak at one of our 11 chapters to take advantage of the core purpose of being a member of JNET: networking with other Jewish professionals to form relationships that will increase your business and provide you with resources for your personal and business needs.

Several members told me they are uncomfortable speaking in front of large groups of people—whether for 30 seconds or 10 minutes. I get that! And that is the advantage of having so many chapters to choose from. Our smaller chapters are warm, inviting, and less intimidating but still offer you the chance to tell people who you are and how they can do business with you and serve you.

I would argue that you can get a better result from making a good impression on a small attentive room of JNET members than in a hustling, bustling room of 85 members. I sat in a small meeting and heard a member speak and realized that I needed what he was offering. That is how my coffee found its way into a dozen Whole Foods Markets. A small JNET meeting was a catapult for my business. 

Our larger chapters exude energy. There is milling and schmoozing before the meeting (and maybe a little too much during the meeting), numerous raves and reviews, and a greater sense of the larger picture of why JNET was formed. The room is full of Jewish business people who are there to receive your support and give you their support in return.

JNET has 11 chapters and each one is a different size with a unique culture. Whether large or small, the chapter, leadership team, and setting will set the tone for your experience. There truly is something for everyone. I only hope that you will take the opportunity to find the meetings that are comfortable and productive for you—and sign up to be a speaker!

If you are interested in becoming more involved with your chapter or the overall leadership of JNET, please send me an email at I would love to hear from you. 

Jackie Mendelson

Chairperson of the Board