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Beth Rubenstein   (#1164)   (Beth)

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Beth Rubenstein MS, PT
Feldenkrais Practitoner

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Nancy Spear


Culver City


I grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC, went to undergraduate school for physical therapy at Ithaca College. I received my masters at USC.  I have two, hopefully soon to be independent daughters and I live in Westchester, CA.

I am in the business of health and vitality. I provide and opportunity for you to discover ways to move and think so you can stay fit and active. 

My work has contributed to reigniting my passion for life after a would be devastating auto accident.  This is what I’d love to share with you whether you have Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis or are simply a Baby Boomer who wants to feel revitalized.  

I can help you move with grace and ease, feel stronger and more like yourself, and be able to do activities that you did 20 years ago

I can teach you to move without pain. You can learn how to look for, and find, happiness and vitality. My 40 years as a physical therapist to the work of Moshe Feldenkrais, has led me to create a way for people to explore how they move, feel, think, and act. My PT education gave me thorough understanding of the skeleton, muscles, joints, nerves, and how disabilities and injuries can affect those parts of the body. Studying the Feldenkrais Method has given me an expanded understanding of the nervous system and how the brain can change through specific movement.

When your body feels better, you experience life in a more full and complete way. This allows you the space to move from living and simply dealing with pain and dis-ease into a life of physical ease, and thus, mental ease with creativity, and passion. Move beyond your health goals, experience being in the shape that allows you to live your bigger hopes and dreams again. Let me show you how to stay fit, figure out the best way for you to exercise, learn to do activities you feel you can’t, no matter the cause.

Not only will you be able to move better and function the way you want, but – you will discover how to live your dream and your passion! This work helps keep zest for life alive. The work of Feldenkrais has helped me reignite that passion for life, and that is what I love to share with those I serve.