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What Members Are Saying

“ JNET is a great place for networking and creating relationships to last a lifetime. I've been to many networking groups and this one by far is the best. I love the model of it, and how people indeed refer business to members…. Excellent place to be! ”

— Tatiana

“ JNET is the bees knees! Know It All Tutors has benefited from the many referrals and the services that are available through JNET! ”

— Rafael

“ JNET is all about community. As a business owner, it’s important for me to get out there and tell people what I do for a living. We have a mutual goal to grow our businesses, and to do that, we must network within the community. ”

— Kenny, Sr. Franchise Specialist, FranNet

“ My business is based on building relationships and spending time with quality people and JNET is exactly that. ”

— John, CEO, Turnstone Capital

“ Where else can you teach 65 Jewish business people how to find you qualified referrals for your business? And, they teach you how to reciprocate! You may even make some new friends as a bonus! ”

— Barry

“ We get to meet all these people and make connections, it’s almost like extended family. And I know that all these people will be supportive of me and my goals. ”

— Elizabeth

“ It’s a group of individuals that you get to know each other on a really deep level. You get to understand their business, what they do. And then you become their advocate. ”

— Eran, CEO, Conforty Coaching

“ We get to promote each others’ businesses because we trust each other. As we get to meet, and learn, and grow from each other, it’s been a wonderful experience. ”

— Stacey, Director of Sales, Sunrise at Palos Verdes

“ I’ve had the pleasure of working with many different people, and I feel like this has been one of the best networking experiences I have had. ”

— Harold, Consultant, Ginsburg & Associates

“ (I) was looking for ways to network with other Valley business owners in a forum that was more welcoming than other professional organizations. There is a certain innate warmth and camaraderie at JNET, doing business with those who share my Jewish culture and values. ”

— Steven

“ As an attorney, I often network with other lawyers, but it’s helpful to meet the business owners. ”

— James, Attorney, Steptoe & Johnson LLP

“ The community at the meetings helped me establish personal connections that enable me to foster good relationships, essential in estate planning, my specialty. ”

— Lisa

“ I use my JNET connections to refer members to other members. It keeps me in the thick of the Jewish community. ”

— Gail

“ I believe I’ve given and gotten a lot of business through JNET. It’s been so well received and I’m happy about that. ”

— Elissa

“ Networking in a Jewish environment is not just professionally rewarding, but also deeply meaningful on a personal and social level. ”

— Jackie

“ Chamber mixers for me are too loud and impersonal. I thought it would be interesting to be involved with a Jewish group. I’ve found it to be wonderful and positive. I’ve met a lot of nice people that I wouldn’t have otherwise met. ”

— Susan

“ You will be welcomed with open arms, you will be made to feel like family, and you will build your business. ”

— Mark, Owner, 24KT Sound & Video

“ JNET has been one of the most effective networking groups I have been involved with. My focus on building relationships is what drives my business. JNET offers the opportunity to make great relationships, both professionally and personally. JNET members are a resource for my family and clients alike. My JNET relationships have accounted for over 15% of my annual volume for three straight years. ”

— Fred Gruber