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JNET Virtual Meeting Etiquette

Welcome to the JNET Virtual Meeting room. We will be using the Zoom program for our virtual meetings. These instructions will help you with the Zoom environment.  Please remember you are on camera.

Entering the meeting

When you first click on the Zoom meeting link, you will enter a waiting room before being admitted to the meeting. When the meeting starts, the host will mute you until it is your turn to speak.

Participants and Chat

Once you have entered, click on Participant and Chat buttons located at the bottom of your computer screen. Two windows will open on the right of your screen.

Participants At the bottom of this box, you’ll see a grouping of icons, one is a raised hand. Use this when you have a question. 
Chat You can send message to Everyone, the host, or the co-host or other participants during the meeting. 

Viewing the meeting 

In the upper right of the screen, you will see either Speaker View or Gallery View. During the meet and greet, use Gallery View to see everyone participating. When the meeting begins, turn your screen to Speaker View, which puts the person speaking front and center of your screen, giving them your undivided attention. Host will spotlight you when you are speaking so everyone sees you. 

Setting your name

Please set your name before coming into Zoom. If you have not set up your profile on Zoom, the program will grab your device name. If you do not have a Zoom account and profile, once in the room, you can change it.

Computer  Click Participants on the toolbar, if not already open. Go to your name. Move your mouse over it, and a More button will appear. Click on it and go to Rename.

Phone or tablet – Tap on the screen. The toolbar at the bottom will appear. Tap on Participants then on your name. Rename will appear. Tap it and reset.