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Rick Henkin 

KAC for Seniors, Inc.  President
Los Angeles, CA
323-403-4673 x. 700

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Los Angeles, CA
323-403-4673 x. 700
KAC for Seniors, Inc.
1838 S. Sycamore Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90019

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Hi, my name is Rick Henkin and I am the President of the Hollywood JNET Chapter.

I’m also the CEO of KAC for Seniors, Inc. (Kick-Ass Care for Seniors) :).


What if seniors could have a professional aide check on them throughout the day, easily participate in social activities, participate in live or recorded classes, be engaged, be stimulated, and chat with family members in a touch-free, low-cost virtual package?


For those who have an aide and want more hours but can't afford it, or those who are home alone all day, KAC for Seniors (Kick Ass Care) :) along with it's partner is proud to introduce the first-ever, touch-free Video Social Suite that has remote wellness checks and meaningful social engagement for seniors in a touch-free, low-cost virtual package.

Background- Born and raised in Los Angeles. Attended Fairfax High School and UCLA. Owned and operated businesses in the art, real estate, and non-profit industries. Sold one of his businesses to Cendant Corp., a Fortune 125 company.

Married, 3 kids, 6 granddaughters.

Business Philosophy- "Treat my clients, in fact, treat everyone, the way I'd like to be treated."