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Nancy Spear   (#758)   

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Culver City, CA
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Nancy's Tech Help for Older Adults

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Culver City


After a dozen years as a stay-at-home mom, I entered the workplace again in 2009. I was surprised by how much technological growth I had missed, and I had to hurry up and learn. I found myself surrounded by 20- and 30-year olds who knew so much but when I asked for help, they spoke too quickly and with technical jargon I didn’t understand.  

It was sink or swim, so I swam. I learned computer office skills as well as how to keep in touch with my children who preferred to text rather than answer the phone. I also learned to be patient with myself; learning so much wasn’t going to happen overnight.

I changed jobs and started working at a software company. I became so confident that I started training new clients.  I realized that the older clients appreciated my patience and positive reinforcement. Since I had been on the other end, I knew that some people needed a little extra help.

I started Nancy’s Tech Help to assist older adults understand and master today’s technology. Whether it be for work, social contact, or keeping up with the grandkids, I’m here to help.